KL Eco Solutions deliver bespoke LED lighting solutions for commercial premises. As a customer-centric business, your dedicated company representative will listen carefully to your needs and provide our expert recommendations. LED lighting solutions are becoming more commonplace across all sectors and we have developed an extensive network of relationships with manufacturers to deliver the best fit for your lighting needs. When lighting works well it rarely noticed, however we know that when it doesn’t complaints will come. Therefore, we place great pride on delivering solutions which drive energy savings, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and above all provide the optimum lighting solution for your premises.

Our service includes:

  • Lighting design & specification
  • Audits and energy saving proposals
  • Grants, government rebate and finance solutions
  • Industrial lighting products including hazardous locations
  • Commercial lighting products & applications
  • Sports lighting floods from residential to stadium broadcast
  • Retail luminaires including smart controls

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Lighting Audits

Did you know your existing lighting system could be costing you money? At KL Eco Solutions we carry out lighting audits to assess where we can deliver greater efficiency levels and reduce your carbon footprint within your premises. Our lighting audit begins by determining the quantity, and quality, of light across the premises. For example, we’ll understand where lighting levels maybe too high, if there are locations where lights are left on unnecessarily, if lighting affects productivity or indeed safety. During this process we’ll document the type, quantity, location and height of all lamps and fixtures too. The report we provide details our expert recommendations for remedial action, if required. For example, we may consider changing from general lighting to task lighting. Or, we may advise to paint equipment in a lighter shade than the surrounding area to aid workers and increase safety levels. From simple retrofits and modifications to major improvements, our lighting audit will provide you with a clear roadmap to enhance your environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

Lighting Designs

Here at KL Eco Solutions we understand just how vital it is to consider the intensity of light within a commercial and industrial lighting design. Our expertise allows us to understand when there is too much light, and when is not enough. We also understand how humans associate light temperature with unique environments. For example, if we light the walls will it make the room too bright, or do we want the room to feel larger than life if we light the ceiling? If you’re looking to boost productivity, then we would recommend a cool light, while a warm light is much more comfortable to relax in. Then there’s the more practical considerations, like space, natural daylight, building materials and how light reflects off surfaces, colours, legislative requirements and standards. Our thorough consultative process delivers a bespoke lighting design which is applicable to your needs and requirements. Using our in-house team of technicians, we’ll outline our expert recommendations, from layout to product, with installation and maintenance timeframes, fitting into your budget expectations. This includes a 3D model, accurately scaled, of the space we’re working within, with a simulated outcome detailing expected performance, along with layout plans and our internal compliance procedure to facilitate an efficient sign off process. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.


At KL Eco Solutions we have access to the latest, high quality, cost-effective LED lighting products and solutions. Our expert knowledge ensures that when you come to us with your needs, we’ll be able to advise on the best solution for your premises. We utilise our relationships with vendors and customers to stay at the forefront of market developments and deliver LED lighting products that allow customers to become eco-friendlier and save on costs! Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

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